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Green Earth - Disposable traps

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Traps and monitors cockroaches, bed bugs and other crawling insects.
No chemicals or pesticides.
Contains 6 disposable traps.
Prebaited, ready-to-use insect glue trap.
No chemicals or pesticides.

Green Earth® Homecare crawling insect trap & monitor is a ready-to-use trap for use indoors. This trap can be used to catch, identify and monitor insects in your home. A successful insect eradication program includes assessing the problem and evaluating the results. These traps can be used to monitor the success of any insect pest control program and to monitor for re-infestations. Use for many crawling insects including : ants, bed bugs, carpet beetles, centipedes, clothes moths, cockroaches, crickets, earwigs, firebrats, fleas, grain pests, silverfish, sowbugs, spiders and more.

1. Remove trap from box.
2. Place in areas most frequented by cockroaches and other crawling insects - along baseboards, under refrigerator, stove and sinks or near any source of water.
3. Place at least one trap in each of these areas and anywhere crawling insects are seen. Ideal placement is in corners and against walls.
4. Peel back adhesive strips to secure trap in place or to attach it to a vertical surface.
5. To monitor bed bugs - peel back adhesive strip and place traps on the bed frame near the mattress, preferably in dark areas. Check trap every few days.
6. Do not move trap if insects are being caught - traps can be moved to another location if no insects are observed after 7 days.
7. Discard trap after 60 to 90 days or if full.

Trap contains special adhesive - avoid contact - it can be difficult to remove from skin and clothes. Adhesive can be removed with baby oil, vegetable oil, rubbing alcohol or mineral spirits.

PRECAUTION : Children should not handle or play with trap.
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